Communicating through uncertainty


  • People look to leaders for guidance on what to do, what to expect and how to act during uncertain and fluid times. 
  • The need for strong, calm, trustworthy leadership is more important than ever. 
  • A leader can create clarity and certainty amid uncertainty and disruption.


  • Strong  two-way communication to maximise trust and minimise own and teams’ stress and anxiety
  • Leaders who demonstrate empathy, mindfulness and humility are more likely to provide certainty 

What you can do as a leader?

  • Communication: Regularly bring everyone along each step of the way 
  • Manage leader contagion: Role model your own emotions and ‘self-certainty’, creating a sense of realistic hope for now and the future.
  • Stay connected: Shared community, vision, purpose and values. Reinforce this with some basic supportive habits the team builds deliberately over time.
  • Act curiously and inclusively: Lead from the heart, not just the head and treat the team as a whole and a group of individuals and respond to unique needs.
  • Show decisiveness: Focus on what we can control.
  • Deal with what’s right in front of us: Manage complexity being aware of it, but keeping tasks simple and clear.

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