Covid 19 Resources for Businesses

Please note, this information is an overview of the issues rather than a detailed response, and is told through the lens of the Industrial/Organisational psychologist.  It is designed to start your thought process in these areas but should not be seen as a substitute for professional advice.  Should you wish to engage someone to help you with any of these areas please feel free to select a name.






Responding to disruption

What are the challenges of leading businesses where people are working remotely, may be stressed and need to learn and work together effectively in a virtual way? These resources provide practical advice based on sound research.

Right-sizing Video Overview

As employers/managers during these challenging times you no doubt have numerous questions.  We have chosen a number of these possible questions and provided a high-level response to give you insight into the challenges and options to consider.  


How do reengage with the business once people are back? What are the mindsets needed? What culture will help you? What strategies can you engage?

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