Organisational psychologists are experts in human behaviour in the workplace, having extensively studied the brain, performance, learning, group behaviour, and the processes determining how people think, feel, behave and react, and the impact of these on organisational outcomes.

Working with the Science-Practitioner model, we apply our expertise using reliable and scientifically supported methods to assist organisations achieve their business goals. Effective practice often also impacts positively on employee wellness and health.

‘Chartered’ members have completed an honours or Masters degree specialising in Organisational Psychology, and have been supervised in their practice to ensure they are applying their knowledge effectively. Chartered members are also required to undergo ongoing professional development, and comply with the ethics involved in this practice.

Organisational Psychologists work in the following areas:

  • Human Machine Interaction and Workplace design. The design and evaluation of work environments, and work equipment, according to principles of human psychology, and physiology to maximize performance of the individual and organisation.
  • Job Analysis. The use of job analysis techniques to gather a thorough understanding of jobs for use in selection, job evaluation, job design and workforce planning.
  • Selection and Assessment. The selection and appraisal of employees according to valid and reliable analysis of jobs and sound psychometric principles.
  • Coaching counseling, and career development. Providing assistance or guidance to clients regarding organisational and work performance issues, career development and improved inter-personal relationships at work.
  • Training and Development. Identification of needs, training design, and evaluation. Designing, implementing and evaluating teaching programs aimed at enhancing the skills and abilities of workers.
  • Employee relations and motivation. Application of techniques to improve interpersonal relationships between workers and enhance individual and organisational performance through increased willingness to act in a certain manner.
  • Organisational Development and Change. The combination of a range of proficiencies, such as selection, appraisal, and training, to re-organise an organisation for continued profitability, growth, and change.