There are three categories of membership of the IOP. Click here for the rules.

  • Chartered Members have Master's or Honours degrees and will have been supervised in their practice of Organisational Psychology (through a Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Psychology from a university, through an accredited supervision programme, or were registered by the Psychologist Board under the general scope of practice prior to 31 August 2015).
  • Members have postgraduate qualifications but have not been supervised in their practice or are no longer practicing.
  • Student members will be completing post-graduate studies in organisational psychology.

All applications will be reviewed two members of the committee to assess whether an applicant meets the criteria set out in the rules for the category of membership they have applied for. Typically, this will take less than one week.


New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS) membership gives you access to

  • the on-line journals database and 
  • the New Zealand Journal of Psychology
  • a heavily discounted scheme professional indemnity insurance which is available to Chartered Members of the Institute of Organisational Psychology (IOP). We encourage members to be covered. More information can be found on the Psychological Society website. Click here for an application form
  • PsychDirect - it provides a service to members of the business community. This enables them to search for Organisational Psychologists with the right services in a location near them. Members can register on this service by subscribing here
  • becoming an Affiliate Member of the American Psychological Association and receive member rates for Australian Psychological Association events.
  • registration for IOP membership at no added cost
  • registration for Health and Safety Associations of New Zealand (HASANZ) for Chartered IOP members at no cost.


To join the IOP, you first need to register to become a member of the NZPsS. Click here to apply for membership. You can find members you know who can nominate you here.

If you are not yet a member of the NZPsS and would like to join the IOP, you can complete both applications at the same time by requesting membership with IOP. After creating a login and completed the NZPsS online application form, follow the prompts to apply for IOP membership.

If you are already a member of the NZPsS, you can apply for membership of the IOP by filling out the IOP application form.