Advanced Language/Advanced Quantitative (AL/AQ)

Automated Office Battery (AOB)

Advanced Managerial Tests (AMT)

  • SHL New Zealand
  • McDonald, S. (1995). The criterion-related validity of the occupational personality questionnaire in a New Zealand banking environment. Masters Thesis. University of Waikato.

Applied Technology Series (ATS)


Basic Language/Basic Quantitative (BL/BQ)

Customer Contact Aptitude Series (CCAS)


Critical Reasoning Test Battery (CRTB)


General Abilities Profile (GAP)

Information Technology Test Series (ITTS)

Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB)

P Language/P Quantitative (PL/PQ)

Personnel Test Battery (PTB)

Ravens Progressive Matrices

Technical Test Battery (TTB)


Wisconsin Adult Intelligence Survey (WAIS)

Watson Glaser – completed

Work Skills Series Production (WSSP)

Work Skills Series Transport (WSST)

Wonderlic – completed