Welcome to the Institute of Organisational
Psychology Site

This site aims to provide resources for industrial and organisational psychologists in New Zealand to be more effective in their practice and careers. The site includes links to upcoming conferences, the core skills of Industrial and Organisational Psychologists, and courses or study that may add to people’s ability to deliver in those areas, and maintain their skills.

The aim of the Professional Issues section is to assist practitioners to delivery high quality services. We currently have some best practice guidelines in key areas and are working on reviews of commonly used tests and questionnaires. Key learning points from complaints to the Society and Board are also being drawn up.

The careers section provides some information on what IO Psychology really is, average remuneration levels for different career options and positions currently available.

The sharing information section contains links to international Industrial and Organisational Psychology Divisions, regional contacts in NZ, and access to the virtual IO Chat Group. Internet articles and research ideas people have had are currently being added.

Lastly, the Taking the Pys section, aims to provide some lighter moments of IO Psychology for your enjoyment.

We welcome peoples’ comments and suggestions for the site. Enjoy!