Kickstarter IOSIG Scholarships

The 2019 Kickstarter IO Scholarship – For those completing a Post-Graduate Qualification in IO Psychology

An opportunity to power up your IO career – network with established IO professionals, participate in the Auckland IOSIG activities, and win $1,000.

Write in no more than 500 words – how you have developed personally and professionally, how you will contribute to the IO profession, and how you have already put IO principles to work – in your studies, employment or community initiatives.

The deadline for applications is 4.00 pm Friday 28 June.

The winner or winners will commit to –

  • Shadowing 2-3 IO professionals (a day each) over the coming year
  • Contributing to the administration of 2 Auckland IOSIG events, including attending IOSIG planning sessions
  • Writing a summary review of their experience

Please give us the name (and email and phone contacts) of your supervisor or lecturer, and permission for the IOSIG Scholarship Committee to contact that person – to verify your eligibility and your potential to make a contribution.

And remember to include your own contact details.

By applying for the IO Kickstarter Scholarship you are committing to fulfilling the requirements detailed above.

Send your application to IO Kickstarter Scholarship Coordinator Stewart Forsyth – stewart@fxc.co.nz