Congratulations Iain McCormick

Congratulations to Iain McCormick who is the 2022 recipient of the Bruce Jamieson award, for his contributions to organisational psychology. The award will be presented at the New Zealand Psychological Society Conference on Monday 5 September 2022.


Iain has made significant contributions to organisational psychology, for which he was recognised as a Fellow of the New Zealand Psychological Society in 2017. In the last five years he has made significant additional contributions, including:

  • giving of his time to coach organisational psychologists during the pandemic
  • contributions to conferences, latterly in the area of coaching psychology
  • publications in organisational psychology in NZ and international Journals and books on a broad range of organisational psychology topics, latterly in coaching psychology.
  • contributions to the Auckland IO SIG through presentations and workshops
  • contributions to the Coaching SIG through presentations and workshops

Original Research

Iain’s publications span 40 years. These have been in a broad range of organisational psychology areas. His recent publications have focused on coaching psychology and include:

  • McCormick, I. (2021). Next level professional development for coaches: Self-practice self- reflection. Coaching Psychology International, 14, 1, 16-26. 
  • McCormick I. A. (2022). Schema Coaching: Theory, research and practice. In Passmore, J & Leach, S (eds), Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural Coaching: Contextual, Behavioural and Neuroscience Approaches for Evidence-based Coaches. Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd, Shoreham-by-Sea.
  • McCormick, I. (2022). The Relevance of Satir Family Therapy Techniques to Coaching. Coaching Psychology International, in press. 
  • Jelly, B. & McCormick, I, A. (2022). Transformational learning and continuous professional development in Coaching Psychology, Psychology Aotearoa, 14(1), 23-30.

Dissemination of research and best practice

Iain consistently makes himself available to present to conferences and discussion groups. Recent presentations include:

  • McCormick I. A. (2021). Next level professional development: Self-practice self-reflection.  11th International Congress of Coaching Psychology 4-8 October 2021. https://www.eccltd.co.nz/post/11th-international-congress-of-coaching-psychology-2021
  • McCormick I. A. (2021). Self-practice self-reflection for coaches: Preliminary findings. Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group, Institute of Organisational Psychology, 13 July, Auckland, New Zealand. https://www.eccltd.co.nz/post/exploring-self-practice-and-self-reflection-for-coaches
  • McCormick I. A. (2020). Self-practice self-reflection: A new world of professional development for coaches. Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group, Institute of Organisational Psychology, 9 June, Auckland, New Zealand. https://www.eccltd.co.nz/post/self-practice-self-reflection-a-new-world-of-professional-development-for-coaches
  • McCormick I. A. & Forsyth, S. (2019). Using Buddhist Psychology in Coaching. New Zealand Psychology Society Conference, September, Rotorua, New Zealand. https://organisationalpsychology.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Using-Buddhist-Psychology-in-Executive-Coaching-SF-update-July-2019.pdf
  • McCormick I. A. (2018). Coaching: From GROW to Gestalt. New Zealand Psychology Society Conference, September, Hamilton, New Zealand. https://www.eccltd.co.nz/post/coaching-from-grow-to-gestalt.

Mentoring of others in organisational psychology

Iain has undertaken a wide range of pro bono work for many years.   During the Covid-19 lockdown he offered pro bono coaching to the Organisational Psychology community in New Zealand. This resulted in over 25 psychologists taking up this offer and over 100 hours of coaching being conducted. During Psychology Week 2022 this pro bono offer was made and again a range of psychologists took up this offer. 

Iain has also developed a self reflective review process for coaching psychologists which he has setup and facilitated in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and has now handed over too participants to continue to use.

Brief history of the award

The Jamieson Award was established in 2006 and honours Bruce Jamieson who retired in 2005 from the position of Director of Human Resources, University of Canterbury. Prior to that Bruce was Associate Professor of psychology at Canterbury and was responsible over a career spanning several decades for the development of the MSc (Applied Psychology) I/O programme. This is the longest established such programme in a New Zealand university, and has produced many of the IO graduates and practitioners in New Zealand, as well as serving as the model for other such programmes.