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Date 4:00pm Networking, 4:30pm start  Pre-Reading  Topic  Presenter 
5 July

Edgar Schein and career anchors

The Anxiety of Lerarning an Interview with Edgar Schein

Ed Schein on The Concept of Client in Process Consultation

Remembering Professor Emeritus Edgar Schein

An Ode to Edgar Schein

An ode is an elaborately structured poem praising an individual, describing them intellectually as well as emotionally. In January of 2023, notable ‘grandfather’ of the study of culture, Dr Ed Schein of the MIT Sloan School of Management died. Dr Schein will be remembered through a group dialogue celebrating his ideas followed a toast to his significant contributions via our group generated Ode.

While not essential, you will find more enjoyment from the discussion if you are able to read a Schein article or two.  Several are attached along with an overview of his life.
Dr Michelle Shields