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Tuesday, 27 October 2020Case Study: Driving Performance Through a Fully Integrated and Technology-Driven Approach to Performance Appraisal and Development
Andrea will talk about a recent project which she has undertaken with Selwyn District Council.  The project was to create a clear pathway to full competence across a range of roles, with key milestones along the way.  The result is a very clear set of expectations for course learning, on job learning, self-reflection and soft-skill demonstration in order to lead to three levels of competence each reflecting increasing role performance and understanding.  The organisation’s values and vision are embedded within the programme.  Rigorous assessment and regular feedback are key features, as is taking personal responsibility to drive the process along with the support of senior staff and managers.    The programme makes full use of SDC’s Learning Management System and performance appraisal process.  It is hoped that the new approach will lead to faster role progression, greater performance and customer satisfaction, enhanced sense of meaning in the job, as well as time savings for managers
Andrea Gardner, Strategic People Group