Assessment tool reviews

Assessment Tool Reviews

This site evaluates tests and questionnaires being used in NZ against the NZ Psychological Society’s. Ethical standards and best practice guidelines. In particular, principle 9.2:

That is, as psychologists we should be “… prepared to justify, in terms of current scientific literature, the use and interpretation of any assessment instrument or procedure … avoid using instruments which are obsolete or of dubious scientific status”.

Until we have a reasonable number of reviews for release, the site lists the commonly used assessments in New Zealand, research conducted locally, and supplier references.

Some reviews have been completed but are being reformatted after the initial consultation round. If you would like to volunteer for a review or know of NZ research completed on any of the tools then please click on the envelope at the bottom.

If you would like to comment on the Standards developed for reviewing tests against, the Policy developed for the management of the process, or the Arbitration process then please do so.