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February 19Mindfulness and Empathy – Skills for the future

Dani will be presenting research she has been completing through integrating research with mindfulness practices she has facilitated in one and one coaching sessions and group sessions with university students. She will be sharing insights from a book she is co-authoring with Dr. Wayne Duncan on Mindfulness and Empathy, which aims at offering scientific based knowledge in clear simple language together with a practical experiential framework to develop these skills in order to gain both awareness and take a proactive approach to mental wellness –and productivity- in the workplace.
Dani Rius, MSc Applied (Industrial/Organisational) Psychology, MA Research Methods, BA Teaching, has invested a significant amount of years into her personal leadership development. During this journey she has delved deeper into the human psychology of performance, i.e. what aspirations do people have, what obstacles to they find along the way and how can these be removed. By knowing more about human behaviour –underpinned positive psychology and neuroscientific evidence- it is possible to gain a greater understanding of what drives success and how anyone can achieve and perform high at standards. Dani looks at achievement from both the productivity and resilience perspectives. Through her 8 years of experience as a meditation practitioner and almost 5 years of experience mentoring and coaching colleagues and clients, she has found that mindfulness practices have been the most effective in helping reduce stress and maintain -and increase productivity- in times of uncertainty. Empathy together with mindfulness have proven to be highly effective skills which she has used to help others break through mental barriers that limit their ability to make good decisions and achieve greater goals. She is passionate about sharing these incipient findings with the hope that these will become mainstream in future.
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