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Webinar 23 July, 12 – 1pmBlack Lives Matter and IO Psychology

Join us for this webinar exploring the Black Lives Matter movement what it means for an IO Psychologist and for our organisations. Starting with understanding inclusion we will then consider some of the complexities, uncertainties, realities, fears and bottom line issues of BLM. The implications of this for our organisations and practice in terms of how we ensure we uphold our social justice principles will also be discussed. 
Samantha Patel BSc (hons) MSc PGCert CPsycholForen
As a Registered Psychologist I have an extensive background of working within high risk and stressful environments across New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. I have assisted individuals, teams and organisations to nurture resilience, develop potential and build confidence to thrive in a variety of challenging, high pressure situations and workplaces. Commercial experience has included developing solutions during bid phases that have led to the winning of contracts worth up to $1 billion. As an experienced Forensic Psychologist, I have also worked within both clinical and organisational settings and am skilled at building understanding with a lay audience on the ins and outs of psychology and its practical application to business environments.
19 AugustThe Neglectful Manager: Practical Strategies for Navigating Toxic People and Relationships in the Workplace

The experience of chronic invalidation that accompanies a relationship with neglectful managers can affect employees’ mental health and psychological wellbeing in many ways, ranging from anxiety, sadness and confusion to post-traumatic stress symptoms in cases of more profound abuse and trauma. This presentation provides an overview of what neglectful managers are, how they look, and their ramifications for the workplace. It also discusses simple practical strategies on how to navigate neglectful managers, stay safe and manage this challenging personality pattern.
Alex Gosteva