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Date 4:00pm Networking, 4:30pm start  Pre-Reading  Topic  Presenter 
18 SeptemberConfidence. Charisma. Decisiveness. Engaging. They all sound like ideal characteristics of leaders in the workplace, and there’s a fair amount of research to support this being the case. However when these behaviours become over-accentuated and present as being grandiose, overbearing and domineering, expectant of praise and entitled, this paints a different picture, perhaps of the same coin. In the workplace, narcissism has been examined and presented as both a positive and uplifting trait, as well as being  harmful and toxic to the team surrounding the narcissistic leader. This session will focus on what constitutes subclinical narcissism, what the research says about this trait, and presents case studies that highlight how it may present in the workplace. A model for managing those presenting with narcissistic traits will also be tabled for discussion with input into how organisations may limit the risk associated with this trait invited.Geoff Sutton and Alex Gosteva
OctoberSelf Determination TheoryDavid Bennett
NovemberStudent Mindfulness ProgrammeDani Rius