Christchurch Programme 2003-2009

Date/Start Pre-Reading Topic Facilitator
 3-Nov >The Occupational Personality Questionnaire Revolution Revolutionising Assessment – the latest advances in Item Response Theory John Bradbury
 23-Sep   Task Based Assessment – Conceptualisation of Assessment Centres; The Theoretical Underpinnings and Evidence For the Approach Duncan Jackson
 1-Sep   Repertory Grid – using it for competency design and careers guidance John Eatwell
 4-Aug   Monitoring the Monitor: Welcome to the Era of Neuroergonomics Deak Helton, University of Canterbury
17-Mar   From Training to Learning Martyn Sloman
May   Employees adaptability to international relocation. Sue Summerville
15-Apr Why is the P-O Fit-Turnover Intention relationship so small? Personality facets as potential moderators’ Kaleena Muirhead
14-Nov Case Study Managerial Bullying in the Workplace Steve Dakin and Denise Tocker
17-Oct Employee Value Chain at Sears. Harvard Business Review Staff Surveys – Are they really worth the fuss? John Eatwell
11-Sep   Deploying staff to hostile and isolated environments: Lessons from East Timor and the South Pacific. Jonathan Black
13-Jun Designing an Organisational Structure that is capable of implementing strategy. Don Purdon
1-May   The Benefits of Continual Measurement of Processes and Outcomes. Tara Longley
3-Apr Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve. Harvard Business Review, January 2000. From Good to Great and Level 5 Leadership. Something new, something worthwhile? John Eatwell
4-Jul Is Your Boss A Psychopath?   Toxic Cleanup: How To Deal With A Dangerous Leader   Taming The Alpha Executive   Quiz: Is Your Boss A Psychopath?   Is Your Boss Killing You?   What We Know (HoganKaiser) Psychotic/Narcissistic Managers Michelle Shields (Facilitator)
3-Oct   I-O Psychology and Technology: Courtship, Coincidence or Collision? Dr Jerard (Jerry) Kehoe AT&T
10-Oct   Assessing for performance versus assessing for potential. Joint IO/HRINZ Breakfast  
17-Oct Mini IPIP Scales The Mini-IPIP Scales: Tiny-Yet-Effective Measures of the Big Five Factors of Personality Dr Frederick (Fred) Oswald, Michigan State University Now Associated With The Rice University
Dec   Christmas Function  
Feb   Costs and Benefits – some examples of measuring impact John Eatwell, Airways New Zealand
18 May   Turnover John Capon, Hadlee Kippenberger and Partners
24 August   Recent developments and current issues in personality measurement tools Norman Buckley,Redfield Consulting
14-Sep   Professional Issues in Industrial Psychology – Recent Research Sarah Wright, University of Canterbury
5-Oct   The Tipping Point. A change management simulator Michelle Shields,Christchurch College of Education
November   IO on the OE: A practitioners perspective Helen Johnson, Hadlee Kippenberg and Partners
27-Apr   360 and Leadership John Bradbury
28 May   Assessment on the Internet: Issues and Ideas Andrea Cowlishaw, Hadlee Kippenberger and Partners
25-Jun   Call me old fashioned, but I still love competencies John Eatwell
29 July   Preventive Stress Management Leah Kininmonth, Transcendence Ltd
24-Sep-03   Change Management Susie Neill, Johnson Penno Consulting
30 October 2003,   The Implications Of The New Legislation Governing Psychologists In New Zealand. Sean McKinley (Executive Director of the the Psych Society) and Cheryl Woolley (President