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Tamara Sallis,
Dan Ford,
Eugenia McGrath
Libby Howells,
Jess Xu
Mel Cash
Maria Thomson,
Tago Mahapara
Stewart Forsyth

Date 5:00 - 7:30pm Venue Topic Presenter

12 September

Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street

Performing with the Heart in Mind: Performance Under Pressure. For elite athletes, as for all high performers, emotion regulation plays a significant part in how body and mind respond in the flow of high-consequence moments that can separate the best from the rest. Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts have long been recognised as playing a role in sustainable performance, and now research provides insight into the physiological mechanisms that underlie this link. Dr Campbell Thompson will present an EI perspective on his work with high performers from a number of domains, and will summarise current perspectives in sport on Emotional Intelligence and sustaining performance under pressure.

Dr Campbell Thompson

*Joint-venture event with Coaching Psychology SIG

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