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JuneSelf Practice/Self Reflection: A new world of professional development for coaches

Video case study
Self Practice Self ReflectionDr Iain McCormick
Wednesday 16th October – Breakfast meeting, 7.30 am – 8.30 amCameron Beazley
Tuesday 10 September, 5.30 – 7.00pmShould we try to be ourselves at work?
Findings from over 37,000 research participants from countries around the world show that authenticity has a significant positive effect on both well-being and engagement. What are the implications of these findings? Efforts aimed at encouraging employee authenticity could provide a valuable opportunity to improve key outcomes.
Dr Anna Sutton, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology
SlidesCoaching for workplace bullying
Iain McCormick
Assessment centre and 360 ratings are reliable: but not for the reasons we assume

Dr Duncan Jackson a Reader in IO Psychology and HRM at King’s Business School, King’s College London 
Please note: New Zealand Registered Psychologists and Chartered Organisational Psychologists can attend this event for free. Please contact Branch Events if you would like to attend.
22-JanSlidesMindful CoachingIain McCormick
16 August . The future of Organisational Development: Understanding Adult Developmental Science. Elizabeth Howells
14 March . Focus in the age of distraction Jane Piper
13 February Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Differentiating Great, Good, and Bad leaders. Joey Wuyts and Aylin Kocak (Winsborough)
30 January Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Visible thinking – techniques and potential application in the workplace. Ellen Manson
21 November Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Strategic Talent Management: Success in a VUCA World. Prof Vlad Vaiman
10 October Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street The gender pay gap: evidence in New Zealand and implications for all. Dr Gail Pacheco
12 September Venue Case Room 710, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Performing with the Heart in Mind: Performance Under Pressure. For elite athletes, as for all high performers, emotion regulation plays a significant part in how body and mind respond in the flow of high-consequence moments that can separate the best from the rest. Emotional Intelligence (EI) concepts have long been recognised as playing a role in sustainable performance, and now research provides insight into the physiological mechanisms that underlie this link. Dr Campbell Thompson will present an EI perspective on his work with high performers from a number of domains, and will summarise current perspectives in sport on Emotional Intelligence and sustaining performance under pressure. Dr Campbell Thompson
18 July Venue Case Room 711, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Are you getting performance out of your approach to performance management? Our panel brings together a range of experiences. IBM CEBThree Trusts Fiona Masson, Hayley Sullivan, Martin Fourie and convened Dr Gene Johnson
13 June Venue Case Room 711, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Bouncing Back from Adversity: Exploring an Organisational Resilience Psychological Climate in New Zealand Prof Jarrod Haar
11 April Venue Case Room 711, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Learning Agility Dr Gene Johnson
31 March – 2 April St Francis Retreat Centre, 50 Hillsborough Rd, Mt Roskill 2017 Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Register here
21 March Venue Case Room 711, WF Building, AUT City Campus, 42 Wakefield Street Alternative Facts Panel: Research in Applied Organisational Psychology Keith Macky, Cynthia Johnson, Carl Sanders-Edwards and Helena Cooper-Thomas
21 February . Rethinking feedback in organisations Elizabeth Howells
8 November . Performance Appraisal Fatigue: How to Get Managers Talking about Performance. Kaleena Muirhead and Suzy Randa
10 October . What’s new in newcomer research Helena Cooper Thomas, Lisa Harris, Sophia Garcia and Tamsin Dehar
20 September . Using Schema Therapy in Executive Coaching Dr Iain McCormick
9 August . Myths or Truths? Facts or Fads? Debunking the Common Beliefs about Psychology at Work Kelly Bennion, Jessica Xu, Dr Maria Thomson and Daniel Ford
14 June . Engaging Effectively with Maori Clients Lisa Stewart
12 April . “Workplace Cyberbullying: A Phantom Menace?” Natalia D’Souza and Bevan Catley
5 November Chorus House,
Level 6,
66 Wyndham Street
Helping leaders face their greatest challenge Simon Moylan
13 October . Leadership Effectiveness: What Works Tago Mharapara
28 September . Authentic Leadership Coaching Jasbindar Singh
8 September . Muddy Mindfulness for Performance Rod Corban
11 August Room 620-501,
The University of Auckland,
Level 5, 49 Symonds St
Building Organisational Change Capability Maria Thomson & Elspet Garvey
14 July . Bringing Intelligence to HR: Using data, research and insights to help solve people issues within organisations Brett Wood
25 May Southern Cross Health Society
Level 1, Ernst & Young Building
2 Takutai Square
Tamara Sallis
Neuroscience Insights: Leadership, Change and Organsiational Performance Sue Langley
6 June Tamara Sallis The invisible majority culture – How white privilege harms us all Belinda Borell
14 April University of Auckland
Tamara Sallis
Evaluation: Thinking beyond measurement Julian King
10 March The University of Auckland Lessons for Aotearoa/New Zealand workplaces from Maori Leadership Jarrod Haar
9 March Parnell Community Centre Marc Kahn: Coaching on the Axis – Breakfast Event Marc Kahn
11 November Saint Columba Centre,
40 Vermont Street,
Plenty of parking at rear of building
Welcome Onboard – Steps for Assisting Staff Do Real Work From Day 1 Dr Sarah Burke
  28 October Titoki Room,
Parnell Community Centre (Jubilee Building)
Enhancing ‘Balance’ in Our Daily Lives Michael O’Driscoll
  18 October . The invisible majority culture — How white privilege harms us all .
  12 August St Columba Centre,
29 Vermont Street,
Neuroplasticity, memory and the aging workforce Chris Thompson
  25 July University of Auckland Business School, Short St, Room 326 Psychology of Goals Dr Paul Wood
  8 July IBM Centre, 82 Wyndham Street, Auckland Global executives study reveals bold challenges for HR leaders of the future Peter Johnstone
  13 May . Workplace Wellbeing: Applied Positive Psychology at Work Dr Aaron Jarden
  8 April University of Auckland,
Room 336, Level 3,
1-11 Short St, Auckland
Wilson parking (open air) is available opposite
NZ Employers and ‘The Global War for Talent’ Professor Peter Boxall
  18 March University of Auckland
Room 336, Level 3, 1-11 Short St,
Wilson parking (open air) is available opposite
Mindfulness in the Workplace Melanie Cash
  12 November Chancery Chambers Building; 2-8 Chancery St
6th Floor in Norman Shieff Room
Auckland CBD
The Rising Popularity of Team Effectiveness Surveys – What’s all the fuss? Michaela Drum
Garth Cook
  13 August Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland Room 336,
Level 3,
1-11 Short St,
Not Like Us: An Investigation into the Personalities of New Zealand CEO’s Vathany Sambath
  9 July Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland Room 336,
Level 3,
1-11 Short St,
The Invisible Majority culture: How White Privilege Harms Us All Belinda Borell
  11 June Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland Room 336,
Level 3,
1-11 Short St,
Accentuating the Positive and Minimizing the Negative Tago Mharapara
  14 May Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland Room 336,
Level 3,
1-11 Short St,
Enabling Women’s Career Progression Kelly Bennion
  9 April 1 – 11 Short Street,
Room 336, Level 3, Building 810,
Auckland City
Derailing Cultures – Organisational Blindspots Dr. Jarret Shalhoop
  12 March 1 – 11 Short Street,
Room 336, Level 3, Building 810,
Auckland City
Skills in the post GFC world: A look into how you can manage the future Ganesh Nana
  9 October . Improving performance: Encouraging the transmission from research to practice, and back again!
Streaming Media of Talk
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Please Note: Actual Talk starts 30 minutes into the videos
Dr Helena Cooper-Thomas
  11 September . Shrink Packaging: The Role of Solution Focussed Packages in IO Psychology Anne Rundle
  14 August . God Defend the Manager as Coach Dr. Iain McCormick
  10 July . A Socially Responsible Organisation: Where to Begin Jeff Godbout
  12 June Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland, 3rd Floor, 1-11 Short St, Auckland
55 days trans-Tasman rowing: growing through painful experience Stewart Forsyth
  8 May . Getting the Best From People at the Worst of Times: Human Factors Before, During and After Disasters Frank O’Connor
  15 March . Counterproductive/deviant workplace behaviour Dr Paul Wood
  15 February Centre for Continuing Education,
University of Auckland,
3rd Floor,
1-11 Short St
The Psychological Work Contract: One Size Does Not Fit All Dr Donald Cable
  8 November Saint Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011 High-Involvement Work Systems, Work Intensification and Employee Outcomes Keith Macky
  11 October Saint Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011 Experiences of NZ Human Resource Practitioners: Maintaining Well-being During Restructures Dr. Andrea Polzer-Debruyne and Kelly Woods
  13 September Saint Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street, Ponsonby, Auckland 1011 The Measurement of Senior Executive Performance With Dr Ann Hutchison Dr Ann Hutchinson
  12 July 2011 University of Auckland Centre for Continuing Education, Ground Floor, 1-11 Short St, Auckland Bullying in the Workplace Dr Helena Cooper-Thomas and Dr Dianne Gardner
  25 June 2011 . The Practices of Exceptional Executive Coaches Dr Gavin Dagely
  14 June 2011 . Alliance Contracting Update Ian McCormick PhD
  13-14 May 2011 . Foundation Coaching Skills Workshop Sam Farmer
  8 March University of Auckland Centre for Continuing Education What’s New in IO/HR Research? .
  8 February University of Auckland Centre for Continuing Education, Tamara Sallis NZ Economy: Deleveraging Continues
Welcome To Our World
Shamubeel Eaqub and Professor Paul Spoonley
  9 November . Assessment for leadership development Gary Grace
  4 November AUT Manukau Campus, Building MB, Room MB 317, 640 Great South Road Professional Development Series: Team work Jolyon Allen
  12 October University of Otago House, 385 Queen St, Auckland city JRA and The Warehouse Stationary: Best Places to Work JRA & Warehouse Stationary
  14 September Level 3, National Bank Tower Corner Queen St & Victoria St, Auckland City Do Talent Management systems deliver meaningful information? Leanne Markus
  20-21 August AUT Manukau Campus Professional Development Series: Foundation Coaching Skills Workshop Sam Farmer
  9 June University Of Otago Can Conscientiousness Compensate For Less Intelligence? Paul Woods
  8 June . Research and innovations in assessment Anne Fulton
  11 May . Strategic HR Jonathan Black
  April . Professional Development Series: Coaching Psychology: Adapting coaching to meet different personalities and needs* .
  13 April . Organisational Performance Management – is managing the organisation the same as managing individuals? Bernie Frey
  30 March Auckland University Taxonomies, traits, dispositions, motivations, and personality dynamics: how now to interpret personality test scores? Paul Barret
  9 March Momentum Consulting Group – Maria Thomson Implementing Wellness at Manukau City Council Sid Sykes
  14-15 November . Foundation Coaching Skills Ian Mormick and Sam Farmer
  10 November Libby Stress, fatigue and karoshe
(not karaoke)
Maria Thomson and Wombats
  13 October The Auckland Club, Shortland Street,
Good teams, bad teams – what drives the difference Gus MacIntosh
  8 September 2009 BNZ
Giving effective feedback – How to maximise learning outcomes John Hattie
  29 August 2009 Massey Professional Development Series:Applied HR Measurement .
  11 August 2009 Duncan Joint-ventures, alliances, and other new organisational forms Iain McCormick
  8-9 August 2009 Massey, Kristy Professional Development Series: Coaching CEO’s* Iain McCormick
  14 July 2009 Libby Using assessment to add value to coaching* Jaret Shaloop & Kevin Meyer
  27 June 2009 Massey, Gary Professional Development Series: The stats lab Duncan Jackson
  9 June 2009 The Warehouse
Validating competencies at The Warehouse Duncan Jackson and Jane Davis
  6-7 June 2009 Massey, Kristy Professional Development Series: Foundation Coaching Skills* Iain McCormick, Sam Farmer
  16 May 2009 Massey Rosa Professional Development Series: Applied HR Measures John Bradbury
  13 May 2009 41 George St,
When coaching goes bad Sam Farmer
  5 May 2009 University of Otago House,
385 Queen St
Managing Toxic Personalities in the Workplace Dr Elizabeth Holloway
  21 April 2009 University of Otago House, 385 Queen Street, Auckland City (Room 4.01) Deviant Employees and the Power of a Leader’s Face
Eli Nana’s Talk
Kit Peeble’s Talk
Eli Nana & Kit Peebles
  14-17 April 2009 School of Business’ Commerce Building,
University Of Otago
Performance Management Prof. Kenneth Merchant
Jim Harland
Graham Henry
Prof. Robert Chenhall
Brian Rousseau
Prof. Andy Neely
  10 March 2009 Grafton Consulting Group, Libby Organisation design and work-force planning Ken Brophy
  9 March 2009 PricewaterhouseCoopers Coaching Psychology: Coaching for Complexity David Lane & Mike Cavanaugh
  11 November 2008 . Widgets, Wisdom and WOMBATS: The Improved Prediction and Management of Work-Related Fatigue Maria Thomson
  14 October 2008 Simpson Grierson Developing legal leaders Greg Eder, Simpson Grierson Greg.eder@simpsongrierson
  9 September 2008 . High Performance Work Systems in the Hospitality sector Peter Haynes
  12 August 2008 . When competencies work, and when they don’t Duncan Jackson
  August 2008 . Master-class Workshop Series: Cognitive-Behavioural approaches to Coaching Iain McCormick
Rachel Percy
  10 June 2008 . Personality-based coaching Iain McCormick
  13 May 2008 Auckland Business School The reinforcement sensitivity theory of motivation and personality – why different people are motivated in different ways Giles Burch
Ann Hutchison
  19-20 April 2008 Massey Master-class Workshop Series: Practical approaches to measuring important HR and IO constructs Duncan Jackson
  8 April 2008 Auckland City What’s the deal with on-line assessment? Michaela Drum, Added Insight
  March 11 2008 26 The Warehouse Way. Sonar6 at The Warehouse: Great insights into how we’ve made it work for us Jane Davis is Head of Talent Management for The Warehouse
13 November 2007   DJ Careers .
9 October 2007 MT Coaching .
11 September 2007 KG What’s Been Promised, What’s Been Delivered: Measuring the Psychological Contract Dr Helena Cooper Thomas, PhD (London), C. Occ. Psych.(UK)
14 August 2007 ? DJ Competencies – do they work? Helena Cooper-Thomas Keith Macky, Beryl Oldham
31 July 2007 Univ of Auck KG NZ Leaders Brad Jackson, Dale Pfeifer
12 June 2007 Opus   SF Training parents – does it make for better employees? Michelle Melville-Smith & Steven Haynes
8 May 2007 Grafton MT OD in action Client view of OD
10 April 2007 Sheffield   KG Gen Hype – the reality behind attracting talent The differences Stewart Forsyth
8 March 2007 Massey DJ Beyond quantitative approaches in industrial psychology Paul Englert
13 February 2007 Simpson Grierson SF HR / I-O career opportunties Career Analysts – Anne Fulton – Where are careers going? Pohlen Kean – Ruth Clavis Frog – Jane Kennelly Hudson – Kelly Wilson
14 February 2006 111 Great South Road Re-engineering Police Recruitment: 18 months later Megan Jenkins, NZ Police
14 March 2006 Sheffield High performance work practices and stress Keith Macky Massey University
11 April 2006 Encore Work stress in a military environment Dave Cordery, NZ Navy
9 May 2006 Deloitte 8 Nelson St Myths of testing Articles Paul Englert,Opra
13 June 2006 Simpson Grierson Level 27, 88 Shortland Street A modern method of assessing achievement: computer feedback on learning progress John Hattie,University of Auckland
18 July 2006 Maunsen Cyber-freeloading: Why people use work time to go into cyber reality Andrea Polzer-Debruyne, Massey University
8 August 2006 PWC Selecting for Creativity and Innovation Giles Burch University of Auckland
12 September 2006 Centre for Psychology, Massey Albany Village Motivational gravity: applications for manager development and performance management Motivational Gravity Explanation Anne Rundle
26-30 September . Joint Aus-NZ Psych Conference .
10 October 2006 Centre for Psychology, Massey Albany Village What do Assessment Centres Measure? New perspectives on the situational approach Duncan Jackson, Massey University
14 November 2006 Bell Gully Talent Magnetism: impacts on staff retention Brian Kirtlan, Fulton Hogan
8 March 2005 TVNZ Level 4 – The Café Entrance NZ Careers – Brain Drain & Brain Gain Kerr Inkson, University of Otago
12 April 2005 NZ Police 111 Gt South Rd Career development in organisations Geoff Plimmer, Futureselves
10 May 2005 Auckland City Council Evaluating the validity of I/O interventions Paul Barrett, University of Auckland
14 June 2005 Massey Albany How professionals maintain their wellbeing at work Dianne Gardner, Massey University
12 July 2005 . EQ, stress and career success Martin Adams, SHL
9 August 2005 Sheffield Testing for learning and development John Hattie, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
13 September 2005 . Work/life balance Mike O’Driscoll, Waikato University
11 October 2005 University of Auckland Sense Making Strategies Helena Cooper-Thomas University of Auckland
8 November 2005 Massey Albany NZ Teams Stuart Carr & team, Massey University
23 March 2004 Old Government House . Prof. John Arnold
13 April 2004 Massey Albany Success in China Bill Watson, Access Asia Ltd
11 May 2004 Deloitte House Improving recruitment processes Donald Cable, Auckland Police Recruitment
8 June 2004 47 George St, Newmarket Measurement & implications of organisational culture Eileen Henderson, Henderson White Associates
6 July 2004 . How learning organisations learn Peter Carswell, Unitec
10 Aug 2004 Massey, Albany . Rachel Morrison: Impact of informal relationships on the workplace
27-30 August 2004 Te Papa NZPsS Conference: Wellington .
14 September 2004 East Tamaki campus – University of Auckland . Brenda Lobb
12 October 2004 North Shore Hospital – Learning Centre How to create a high commitment workplace Keith Macky,
Greg McBain
9 November 2004 Massey, Albany New Zealand teams Dave Clarke, Dianne Gardner, Duncan Jackson, Gus Habermann, Heather Buttle, Jennifer Stillman, Richard Fletcher, Stephen Atkins, Stuart Carr
18 February 2003 Bell Gully Practical applications of optimism Jamie Ford Foresight Group
18 March 2003 TMP Organisational stress management Hillary Bennett PsychAssess
8 April 2003 SHL
Making competencies pay (original NZ research)
Heather Lees
17 June 2003 University of Otago Innovation and knowledge management (original NZ research)
Copy Of Slides
Jenny Darroch
12 August 2003 SHL, Auckland Club Tower Leadership Chris Mitchell, SHL
16 September 2003 Ernst Young, Shortland St Causal models of occupational stress – what causes stress, and what impact does it have on organisational effectiveness?
Copy Of Slides
Peter Hart
28 October 2003 8 Nelson St, corner Nelson & Fanshaw Performance Management
Copy Of Slides
Graham Hart, Deloitte
18 November 2003 Massey New Zealand teams
Copy Of Slides
Stuart Carr, Stephen Atkins, Richard Fletcher